Afrovoiz is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Tri-State African Community Development Initiative. It is home to Afrovoiz-Radio, and a Community Database of Follow the links below.


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African Youth Bible Quiz – July 2017
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The tristateafrican is home to tri-state Africans database of churches, businesses, and ethnic communities. You can get news about the community here, as well as find out what events are trending in the community
African Radio
Afrovoiz Radio is Tri-State's African Community Development Radio, located in Fairfield, Ohio

Community Initiative
Afrovoiz is a Non-Profit African Community Development Initiative. Our Community involvement activities are pursued under the Community Initiative umbrella

Community Calendar
Find events planned for the community and add yours. This is an attempt to help minimize multiple events happening at the same time and to inform the community on current happenings. Find out!

Events Happening in the Community. Visit Community Calendar for details
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